Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kids and Television

I was putting my seven your old daughter to bed the other night; she hugs me with a sigh and says, "Mom, I'm the only one in my school who's not allowed to watch the Family Channel". How sad.....not that she's missing out....that all the other kids are allowed to watch it. We did have it on for a while....until she started acting like a teenager....and started driving me i sat and watched some of her favourite shows.....they are addictive and so wrong! Is this what our children are growing up with? Are these characters their role models? It's no wonder we're raising a generation of spoiled, disrespectful children....If you sit and watch those "family" shows, you'll notice that the adults are all stupid and clueless. There is absolutely no respect for adults in these shows. The men....especially....What happened to the dependable DAD who's supportive and responsible.....someone a child can go to for answers....? When DAD talks, you listen, because he's right....when MOM talks, you listen, because she's right....and mom and dad don't dishonour, or belittle, or go against each other. The "children" in these shows, who look older than they are suppose to look, are all cool and have EVERYTHING. No one ever does housework or homework.....if they do, it's HORRIBLE!

I know there is enough evidence proving that screen time negatively affects brain development....but my kids are getting "Little house on the Prairie" for christmas....and I'm forcing them to watch it!