Thursday, October 16, 2014

Eye of Round Premium Beef Roast

Welcome Fall.
It's been raining in Vancouver….finally? We've had beautiful weather until now, but the rain started.
And I thought it was time to turn on the oven and prepare fragrant, comforting meals. I decided on roast beef. But, it's been so long since I last made a beef roast…I wasn't sure what to do. What type of beef cut to purchase, how to dress it, how long to cook it, etc.
It turns out the grocery store just had the one cut of beef (eye of round). (And I didn't feel like a special trip to the butcher's).
Now what? I looked through my cooking Bible, The Joy of Cooking, but couldn't find any information on how long the roast needed to cook. This was important, because I would be leaving it in the oven while picking kids up from school. I needed to know that I wouldn't over cook the beef….and I didn't think there was enough time for me to start the roasting after I picked up the kids from school. gave me the answers I wanted. It's awesome! I'm so glad I discovered it! How did I survive without this site? You have to check it out.
So I roasted my 1.1 kg cut of beef for 2 hours adding the vegetables to the pan 1/2 hour before the meat was done (when the meat thermometer registers rare, 140 degrees Fahrenheit). A butcher once told me to add a broth to cover half the roast…so I tried that and yum! So handy when you have kids. I pour the broth over noodles. And we have a complete meal! You'll find the recipe at the end if this post.
It needs gravy. 
I forget how much flour to add to the stock, so I look up Martha Stewart's gravy. I don't have drippings, as they get absorbed into the broth, but I make due. Here's my gravy: 

I usually have more stock than I need, so yesterday, I boiled Jane's flour noodles in the extra stock….she loved it!