Thursday, July 30, 2009


I spent the whole day ....really....the whole day walking the streets of Toronto. It was awesome. A 7 hour meditation. What did I think about? .....wouldn't you like to know :) ?

So I was so excited walking to the designer district by Younge and Bloor...until I got there and saw....Holt Renefrew. My body felt like a deflating balloon as all the excitement flowed out of me with a big ....ugh..... Okay, yes, I know you're, what were you expecting?

I'll tell you what I was expecting....struggling Toronto designers in small little shops with totally awesome clothing....and most of them (if not all) dedicated to sustainability. I was expecting Main Street in Vancouver. What would that be called?

I could be a little niave.

moving on.....On the way up Younge street I walked into Cat's Cradle Boutigue ( Ahhh...did I ever mention I am not into that whole american dream thing....and buying stuff.....and materialism....and you know.....well, forget it...for now....I bought an awesome dress by Myco Anna ( Christiane Garant designs are fantastic, perfectly dreamy clothing, made from whole or part recycled or equitably traded material. Although not a toronto designer she is from my home province, Quebec. Her flag ship store is in Quebec City and she has just opened a store on St. Laurent street in Montreal.

and I finally made it to Kensignton Market and to The Rage; where "Every item in the store is designed and made by young Toronto-based artists EXCLUSIVELY. " I bought a duplicate toronto shirt....also made of recycled materials....check out her myspace account (

Liza's here...will write later....if I have's a beautiful sunny day here in toronto....without all that Vancouver heat!!