Sunday, August 2, 2009

the purpose of life

"....the expansion of happiness is the purpose of life." David Simon, M.D. co-founder of the Chopra Centre.

....that is what I was thinking of when I walked the streets of Toronto on Thursday (maybe a little bit of fashion too...hey, whatever makes me happy, right?).

So, now, three days and a whole new life later (because nobody leaves a chopra workshop without transformation), I'm sitting here thinking.....I'm sorry, I just don't have any words to describe it.

Deepak Chopra addressed the question of happiness and what is it? And the formula for happiness is....seriously, there is a formula and the mathematician in me cheers!

....the formula is:

H = S + C + V

Happiness (H) is the sum of a set point on the brain (S), conditions of living (C) and voluntary actions (V); where S is 40% of H, C is 10% of H and V is 50% of H.

So Deepak talked about happiness, questioned it's existance, but then finally gave us a prescription.....and we can talk about that another time (if you like).

And David Simon (a wonderful man) rose the question of who are we, our basic emotions, our biological responses and how mindfulness can help us recognize our responses and act in ways that allow for harmonious relationships. He then went back and gave his interpretation of a prescription for happiness (doctors....always writing prescriptions....). And he concluded with how to hold enlightened relationships.

Davidji (another David) taught us Primordial Meditation. And in a beautiful and intimate ritual I was given my mantra; the sound the Universe made the moment I was born. Ah......

A very powerful weekend.