Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sensory Showtime

Have I kept you out of the loop? I've been told by some of you that you know nothing of my new project. I've been so busy planning that, along the way, I guess I just assumed you all new....maybe not.

So what is it? I have decided what to do with myself this fall....I was looking for a volunteer position....something that will bring me closer to my life's purpose....and it occured to me that I could create my own volunteer position....

So In October, I will be hosting SENSORY SHOWTIME, an awareness weekend featuring “Autistic-Like: Graham’s Story,” a touching documentary about one dad’s struggle to help his son, and a short video about (sensory processing disorder) SPD and the SPD Foundation. We hope to have local families share their personal stories, and plan to conduct fundraising activities. The goal is to raise general awareness of SPD and funds to help underwrite the final push for recognition of SPD in the 2012 revision of the DSM. Visit my other blog:

Why? As some of you know, John was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder a year ago. It would have been picked up earlier if the diagnosis was recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-V); sparing John much unhappiness (& frustration). I have visited the SPD foundation in Denver and had a tour of the labs and facilities. It’s a wonderful place filled with caring and very dedicated people. As a non-profit organization they need our financial support! And wouldn't it be great to raise awareness and help other families going through the same thing? And we can all benefit from a better understanding of sensory processing.

Yes, I will email a flyer and donation form; please forward to anyone you think may be interested