Saturday, October 24, 2009

Balance within Relationships

I wanted to update my blog this morning. So I have been assessing my state of mind and i keep thinking of something I read somewhere.....I couldn't find the quote.....although, I think it's in Gabor's book on addiction.
So I'm thinking about healthy relationships and how they are based on equality. How can we help eachother stay balanced? Is it possible? Or maybe, the unbalance is based on a persection that is false. But it's still unbalanced and, honestly, aren't most relationships broken by false perceptions, misunderstandings?
I think too much about nothing. If I find the quote today, I will post it, if not, I'll move on....

But I am practicing healthy boundaries, trying to stay centred and balanced and grounded within myself....but I am alone and human beings are social creatures....don't we need eachother by nature?