Saturday, November 9, 2013

Food for Sensational Cooking

Welcome to Food for Sensational Children!

I'm going to blog my recipes….the ones I whipped up for my children in desperation … and actually worked. With every recipe that worked, maybe 10 failed! Feeding a picky eater is the toughest job and comes with lots and lots of criticism; from the child and OTHER PARENTS…..because (as we know) everyone else seems to think they can do it better than we can…..everyone else knows OUR children better than WE do, right? Cough….cough…. I don't think so…..

Okay, hope you find some ideas that will help you feed your picky eaters. Remember, wether your child has SPD or is just a "picky eater", you can't "fix it" overnight. Helping your child enjoy a healthy diet will take years of patience and restraint! Forcing children to "eat your vegetables" will only teach them to "hate their vegetables". Forcing and bribing (yes, we all say it…."no dessert until you finish your veggies") only develops unhealthy attitudes towards food and eating. If you don't want your children to eat dessert…..don't make dessert. And if you have a child with SPD that only eats dessert, use the dessert as a stepping stone to a more sophisticated diet. 

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